Batı Park (İlkadım)

The facilities that take place in the 825 000 m² Batıpark Concept Project like Amazons Channel, View terrace, Fish Restaurants, Picnic Areas and recreation areas have been arranged and presented to the public for use.

At bulkhead line with the 730 m length, 10 m width and 1,75m depth a water channel Project merged the gap between the Kürtün River’s mouth and the Old Yalova Ship and a modal island and nips were designed between the sea fortifications and the channel. 

At Batıpark Amazons Island, two giant lion figures have been put as cafe and view platforms on two nips that were made in order to strengthen the ground. The area on which a lion sits is approximately 160m2 and a dial showroom, cafeteria and souvenir will take place in it.

Amazons village’s construction works were completed with the environmental landscaping and sea fortification works. Caves, king tombs, bedroom of master queen and her kitchen, gun’s room, warriors room, dial show room, souvenir and fountain pats.