1.  Piazza Shopping Mall

Piazza Shopping Mall hosts 160 local and foreign brands and brought the pioneer brands like Media-Markt, 5M Migros,  Zara, H&M, Decathlon, Cinemaximum, Lacoste, Yargıcı, Starbucks, Big Chef’s, Cook Shop to Samsun for the first time. It has the biggest public terrace that is 1500 m2 and also there are ice rink, bowling hall and children playgrounds.  

Address: Çarşamba Cad. No:52 Eski Otogar Mevkii Sanayi Sitesi Yanı, Samsun


Ph:0 362 290 32 32

2.  Yeşilyurt Shopping Mall

Within this 4 floor and 25000 m2 close space shopping mall, that is positioned on 5.000 m2; there are approximately 70 stores, a supermarket, 7 cinema halls, restaurants, cafeterias, a parking area for 750 vehicles and children playgrounds. Yeşilyurt Shopping Mall constructed by Yeşilyurt Group has been beyond a shopping mall that addresses people from all segments and ages.  

Address:Atatürk Bulvarı No:154 Atakum / SAMSUN


Ph:  362 439 25 25 

Fax: 362 439 25 26

3.  Makro Shopping Mall

Address:  Kıran Mah. 1379 Sokak No:1 İLKADIM

Contact: 0 362 465 59 01 

4.  Bulvar Shopping Mall

11600 m2 of 16000 m2 rentable area of Bulvar Samsun has been reserved for stores, 2400 m2 for restaurants and cafeterias and 2000 m2 for offices. Bulvar Samsun hosts 45 local and foreign brands and has 20000m2 closed parking area.

Address:Bulvar Samsun Alışveriş Merkezi,19 Mayıs Bulvarı, No:17 İlkadım/Samsun


Ph:  0362 290 2755

Fax :  0362 290 2756

5.  Lovelet Shopping Mall

Address: Samsun Ordu Karayolu 1.Km No:1 Canik Samsun

Contact: 0 362 290 10 10

And also;

1.  Çiftlik Street

Çiftlik Street that is known also as İstiklal Street is the most attraction centers in Samsun for shopping. Famous global and Turkish brands, local stores, herbalists and restaurants are located on the street. 

2.  Mecidiye Street

Mecidiye Street that has a significant position for Samsun hosts Samsun’s older artisans and famous Turkish brands and it is the oldest Shopping Street.

3.  Gazi Street

It locates 2 avenues down the Çiftlik Street and it is a shopping Street which hosts famous global and Turkish brands. One side of this Street has a connection with Bulvar Shopping Mall.

4.  Foreigners Bazaar

It gets its name from the Foreigners who came to Black Sea region to make trade after the end of the Soviet Era and also called as Russian Bazaar.  Today, it is a must-see bazaar that hosts a few Georgian but generally Turkish Merchants and hosts many different type of stores in which you can find everything from souvenirs to textiles, fishing materials to restaurants.

5.  Asarcık; Meydan Mehmet Çetin Street

6.  Alaçam; Lise Street

7.  Alaçam; Bafra Street

8.  Ayvacık; Atatürk Boulevard

9.  Bafra; Gençlik Street

10.  Bafra; Bulvar Street

11.  Çarşamba; Uzun Çarşı Avenue

12.  Çarşamba; Çakmakcılar Ramp

13.  Çarşamba; Abdullah Paşa Square

14.  Çarşamba;  Zübeyde Hanım Square

15.  Çarşamba; Park Street

16.  Havza; Merkez Street

17.  Havza; Kazımpaşa Street

18.  Kavak; Yaşardoğu Street

19.  Kavak; Belediye Street

20.  Ladik; Belediye Square

21.  Ladik; Samsun Street

22.  Ladik; Erbaa Street

23.  Tekkeköy; Samsun Street

24.  Terme; Atatürk Street Çağlayan Street

25.  Vezirköprü; Köprüler Street

26.  Yakakent; Cumhuriyet Street