Beach Tourism

1.  Atakum Coast (İLKADIM)

At 4.8 Km Atakum Coast, there are recreational areas, routes, bikeway, private beaches, pubs, cafes, restaurants, beach valley fields, amphitheater, special sports areas, aqua parks, hotels, pensions and camping areas. These are “must see” places for a Samsun visitor.

2.  Fener Beach (İLKADIM)

Genoese’s old port and old camping area of DLH Machine Supply Chief Engineering has been restored according to the Project prepared in line with its original and has been put into service by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.  The beach is very close to the city center. There is a lighthouse, a vitamin bar, restaurant, sitting and relaxing places, sport areas and shower in the beach.

3.  Samsunum-1 Cruise (İLKADIM)

You may attend to the cruise and sip your tea at the Black Sea shore on determined hours with Samsunum 1. The cruise only works in the summer.

4.  Bandırma Beach and SUKAY (CANİK)

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality assigned Bandırma Beach as SAMSUN SUKAY cable water ski park. This is Türkiye’s first cable water ski park on the sea.

5.  Mert Beach (İLKADIM)

Mert Beach has a 5000 people capacity on 20.000m2 total area at the western part of Mert River in the city center.  There are pub, pools for children, sitting and sunbath places, dressing rooms, cafeteria, douche and WC at the beach.

6.  Disabled Beach(CANİK)

The construction of Disabled Beach has been completed but, environmental planning is going on at the beach. Furthermore, a concept work as “training for disabled” is being done. The concept consists of rehabilitation center, restaurant building, accommodation facilities and disabled basketball court and a disabled beach.  The Training-Rehabilitation camp constructed on 2400 m2 closed and total 10000 m2 area within Doğu Park began to work in 2013. The Camp consists of a beach in which the disabled people can go into by elevator, swimming pool and rehabilitation center, accommodation facility for 20 people, cafeteria and relaxing area. This unique facility for disabled people is a source of pride for Samsun.

7.  Engiz 19 Mayıs Aquapark  (19 MAYIS)

19 Mayıs Aqua park is located at the 35th km on Samsun Sinop highway and Municipality’s pre-fabric 46 sea houses facility is very close to there. These houses are rentable for monthly or weekly. This special facility at Kumcağız Quarter’s coast is a full relaxation place either with its proximity to the sea and the pine-tum in front of the park. Besides its huge swimming pool for 600 person, it is an interesting place also with the aqua park.