Uluslararası İlişkiler Birimi tarafından düzenlenen devam etmekte olan kurslar 2017

Creative Entrepreneurship

Global Citizenship and Languages (Japanese)




Less opportunities for Internatıonal Students, especially exchange students (Erasmus and Mevlana) to get together with local students and community

What can we do?

To create formal activities where all students can join together and learn in a global environment.


Providing support and guidance for Interactive learn – Offering courses open for all in English, creating social entrepreneurship projects.


  • To provide courses in English
  • To create international learning environment
  • To create active student network
  • To introduce entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning.




Students have participated in HOW TO LEARN, HOW TO ACT project 

Introducing an entrepreneurial learning environment in the field of Communication & Culture Studies using English at local schools